Monday, March 4, 2013

My Top 5 Music+Film Moments

Inspired by a recent post by a good friend +Aaron Rosell, I decided to write up a quick blog about what I believe are the best 5 song placements in film (I've also linked at least the song, but in most cases the complete scene is there).  Here we go - I'll start with number 5:

5.  John Powell - Test Drive - How to Train Your Dragon
Let's be honest, who doesn't wish they could fly?  This track plays as Hiccup and Toothless fly together for the first time.  I remember watching this scene for the first time and feeling about 10 years old again.  I instantly became Hiccup flying on the back of the Night Fury.  I felt the freedom of the ride, smiling about as big as anyone in their 20s has while watching an animated movie.  If you haven't listened to the soundtrack of this whole movie, do yourself a favor and check it out.
4.  Fix You performed by the Young@Heart Chorus in the documentary Young@Heart
Young@Heart is a documentary about a chorus of elderly men and women (No one is under the age of 70) who sing contemporary songs under the direction of Bob Cilman and accompanied by the Young@Heart band.  I ended up watching this documentary on TV with my mom.  She thought it was completely cute and thought I should watch it because I love music.  Without giving too much away, the group of senior citizens go through some great times and some hard times and it all leads up to the concert where this song is performed.  To this day, this music and film moment is one of the three times I have wept durring a movie.  It was a perfect place for this beautiful Coldplay cover.
3. The Beatles - Twist and Shout - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
I am a big fan of blockbuster dance breaks, and this one takes the cake in my book.  I almost included You Make My Dreams from 500 Days of Summer on the list too - but back to the song at hand.  First of all, Ferris Bueller's Day Off is, was, and will always be one of my top 3 favorite movies and The Beatles are in my top 5 of all time.  How could this not be on the list?  I think the dance break completely captures the spirit of the entire movie.  So fun - so free!  Definitely one of the bests.
2. Nina Simone - Feeling Good - Chuck S3 E14  - Link contains a spoiler (so will the description)
Seriously, is there a sexier song than Nina Simone's Feeling Good?  I got into Chuck my junior year of college.  If you haven't watched the show, it's about a regular guy who gets spy abilities through some work of technology and has to work on how to use and control his artificial powers along with two companions.  Feeling Good plays as Chuck and his attractive partner, Sara, finally (after almost 3 seasons) get together.  If you don't plan on watching the show, feel free to watch the clip.  It's awesome - borderline James Bond smooth, and the scene would be nothing without Nina Simone's Feeling Good.
1. Clint Mansell - Together We Will Live Forever - The Fountain 
I'm not certain how to even begin writing about this song.  I saw The Fountain opening day and after 7 years it is still my favorite movie.  I won't explain the story because it wouldn't do it justice.  What you need to know is it is a visually stunning and incredible philosophical and complex movie centered around the relationship between a doctor and his dying wife.  This song plays as the credits are rolling and it blows you away.  The song is played on the piano, and it's simplicity contrasts the complexity of the story dramatically.  You don't hear the song in the credits, you arrive to this song in the credits.  It will break your heart, make you smile, and frees your mind all at the same time.  Listen to the song, but be sure to check out the movie if you haven't already done so.
So, there they were - my top 5.  What are your top 5 music in film moments?

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