Sunday, September 1, 2013

Killing Time at the Airport

In all honesty, the only reason I am writing this is because I need to look like I’m doing something on my laptop while charging my phone while I download Game of Thrones.  I have been meaning to write for a long time, but I haven’t had time recently.  I’m sitting across from an incredibly Irish group of older women.  All three of them had very red hair at one point; there are still hints of crimson in the now white locks.  The give away was the accent.  Between their accent and the hearing aids, I think the whole end of this terminal is listening in on how it is impossible to find jeans which are short enough and the pains of hemming pants.  I also have a unique point of view and can see that they are either practicing for a synchronized swimming routine while sitting and waiting for the flight, or they all are on the same routine to prevent blood clots.  It’s embarrassingly hard to tell - they are paddling their legs and twirling their wrists.  I imagine that these moves are equally as effective in swimming and preventing blood clots...

I just saw a guy who looked a lot like a male celebrity from a few years ago.  He went to a different gate and now I forget who he looked like - probably a good indication of how popular he ever was.

I am a quarter done with my download and I’m afraid I’m not going to get it downloaded before I board the flight.  It’s 6:00 now and we get on the flight in 24 minutes.  I’m not really pressed to get the file downloaded.  (One of the old Irish women returned from a walk around with potato chips - typical)  There are plenty of things for me to do on an airplane.  My cell phone has a wealth of entertainment options without having this show.  If I get it, I’ll for sure watch the show, but if not, I’ll probably just watch the wing.  I just realized I have a window seat.  

Another thing I just realized is that the mom, dad, grandma and baby sitting next to the Irish trio are all wearing Minnesota sports apparel.  Go Twins and Skol Vikings, but please, God, keep our seats as far apart as possible!

A guy just sat on the same bench as me - the damn thing nearly broke in two.  He swooped in like a bearded snowman-hawk (the build of a snowman and the ferocity of a hawk).

I’m really debating getting something to drink right now.  I’m pretty thirsty - I've spent the last two days either driving (not drinking so I don’t have to make stops) or moving heavy furniture and boxes.  The problem with this decision is that there’s a drinking fountain right across from the Starbucks.  A water bottle would be nice, but I am not sure it’s worth the five dollars I would have to sacrifice in order to take the water from the fountain to the airplane.

Two things just happened: the baby started crying (because, as the mom observed, “this is the first time he’s been awake longer than 3 hours”) and I have noticed that on the other side of my Galic Gals (NBC, let’s talk) there is an Asian child asleep taking up three seats.  I have no idea where his mother is, but it’s definitely not the Indian woman who is hardly sitting on the seat his feet barely are reaching.  INSTANT UPDATE: The Indian woman was just called for an early boarding and didn’t take the child with her.

We have eight minutes left until the flight boards.  You may also be happy to know that my phone has downloaded the eight episode of Game of Thrones and gained an extra 5% battery in the time I’ve been typing.  This has been a great success in my book (baby just vomited, Lord, hear my prayer).  Thanks for reading.

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